Monday, October 28, 2013

Something to Rave About

University of Maryland sophomore Alyssa Howard poses with one of her hula hoops on Sunday night. She has a tattoo that says "PLUR," which stands for "Peace, Love, Unity, Respect," the basic tenets of the rave scene. 
People make bead bracelets called "kandi" and trade them at raves with a "PLUR" handshake. Howard shows her kandi collection with her favorite artist, Dash Berlin, in the forefront and on her wrist.
Howard applies face gems, a popular accessory at raves. She was originally drawn to raves because most people are open and nice and it's easy to meet people, including her best friend. 
Lighted toys are a big part of rave culture; Howard dances with her LED hula hoop outside the Leonardtown community. "I generally like trance music...I think that's my niche," she says. 
Howard laughs at a joke her boyfriend makes as she shows off her spirit hood, another popular rave accessory.  She's excited to attend the upcoming Krewella concert on Saturday.