Monday, October 28, 2013

Personality Portrait - Tamara - Artist

Always with racing thoughts, Tamara Moran is a ambitious young artist. In her College Park Varsity apartment Moran dreams of being being an artist, filmmaker, and home designer on Oct. 27, 2013. 

The senior Studio Art and Film Studies double major likes working with dark and cool colors. Here she paints a decorative piece to hang in her apartment. 

Focused on her work, Moran does not like to leave pieces unfinished. Moran is always determined to complete her projects. 

Moran comes from a family of artist. Holding some of her brushes Moran looks for the proper brush for her current project.

Appreciating her artwork, Moran finds solace and tranquility in making art. Moran turns to painting to escape the daily pressures of life. 

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