Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gallery Storytelling: Dareen Faddoul's Baby Shower

Elias and Dareen Amireh, married in November 2011, await the arrival of their baby girl, Elanya. Dareen Amireh's younger sister, Diana Faddoul, planned the baby shower. The shower took place on March 17 at her father's Mediterranean restaurant, Al Rouche, in Paterson, NJ.
The mother-to-be's sister is a cakemaker for all family events, including her sister's baby shower. This is one of the two cakes she made. Diana Faddoul also created a cake for her other older sister's baby shower last month.
 As the guests of the baby shower enter the restaurant, so the gifts pile up.
The three sisters, (from left to right) Dareen Amireh, Diana Faddoul and Nisreen Villanueva, gather for a photo. Amireh and Villanueva are due to give birth a month apart from each other. Both are expecting girls.
Jenna Faddoul, Dareen Amireh's cousin, is decorated in clothes pins and yarn from two of the games at the baby shower. Alongside is Jayden Villanueva, both enjoying the celebration. Jayden smiled, excited for the arrival of his baby sister.
"I am already an aunt to a nephew, and now I'm going to be an auntie to two nieces. You don't understand my excitement. Plus, I love planning events, so these baby showers are just another excuse to bake cakes and order flower arrangements and send out invites," said Diana Faddoul.
Veronica Richards and Elizabeth Ruiz (from left to right), try to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar for one of the baby shower's games.
Jeanette Francine holds the jar of jelly beans and attempts to estimate how many there are. She guessed 270, but 620 is the correct amount.
 "How many are there?" Lina Tahan sneakingly asked Diana Faddoul.
The grandmother, Randa Faddoul, tries to estimate how large her daughter's belly is with yarn for another baby shower game. "That is way too long. You don't even know the size of your daughter's belly," Dareen Amireh said jokingly.
Dareen Amireh thanks all her family and friends for coming to her baby shower, and gives a special thanks to her sister Diana Faddoul, who put it all together. "Both me and baby Elanya are so grateful to have you all in our lives," she said.