Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Personality Profile - Maayan Birnstein

Maayan Birnstein, a senior at the University of Maryland,  has decided to pursue a unique career path that will blend her communications degree and artistic talents. Pictured above with two of her most recent paintings, Birtnstein's roommate, Alex, says, "She's the most creative person I know".
In her spare time, Birnstein says she enjoys painting and styling hair and makeup. Above, she poses with three of her best works. On the computer screen, she shows a canvas painting on display in her parent's home, and on the cell phone, an intricate pattern she recently painted on her friend's nails.

When she isn't busy styling her roommates' hair and makeup, Birnstein uses herself as a canvas for her creativity. Born with dark brown hair, she enjoys dying it different colors and shades quite often. When asked how many times she has changed her hair color, Birnstein joked, "Like a million times, probably".

This past summer, Birnstein extended her talents to New York City, where she interned with fashion designer Zac Posen. The top left shows a published magazine article for which Birnstein styled the model's hair and makeup. It serves as a testament to her talents and dedication.
Birnstein poses, admiring her accomplishments. When asked what she plans to do after graduating, she responded, "I'd like to go to cosmetology school for hair and makeup, and then work backstage doing styling at fashion shows, eventually". 

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