Monday, March 25, 2013

Gallery Storytelling

Sean Wassel, a sophomore at the University of Maryland, is the point guard in a pick up basketball game in Southern California. Here he goes toe to toe with junior Ryan Marchini. 

Wassel, guarded by junior John Gregg, attempts a lay-up. Gregg is uses his body to position himself to get the rebound if the shot misses.

Marchini attempts to take a shot as Gregg, his teammate, sets a pick. Gregg's physical style of play was on display throughout the game. 

Wassel finds an open lane and goes for the lay-up. Although Marchini touched his arm, the boys decided they didn't want to call any fouls. 

Wassel takes the long three-point shot while guarded by sophomore Greg Tambini. Tambini admits that he is not very athletic and he did not cover Wassel as well as he would have hoped. 

Marchini tries to dribble the basketball past Wassel to score a basket. Wassel claims he was playing shut down defense all day.

Wassel goes for a close jumper and is pushed by John Gregg. Despite Gregg's physical play, Wassel continued to go for his shots. 

Wassel attempts to get by Gregg's stout perimeter defense. The game was tied up at this point, with the next point deciding the winner.

Marchini stole a pass and ran down the court finishing with a slam dunk. The dunk capped the victory for team Marchini/Gregg.  

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