Sunday, March 24, 2013

Personality Profile: Sutera Boonmalert

Medium Portrait
Sutera Boonmalert is an avid lottery player. Boonmalert immigrated from Thailand to the United States in 1974. According to Boonmalert, Thailand does not have "as fun of a lottery as America

Medium background
Boonmalert, 76, lives in the basement of her married daughter's house in Howard County.The family consists of her daughter Ann Keochinda, son-in-law Joe keochinda, grandson Kris Keochinda, and granddaughter Alena Keochinda

Tight Hands
Boonmalert usually takes her winnings and immediately spends it on more tickets. When asked why she said, "I am old and have enough money. I do this for the thrill."

Over the Shoulder
Boonmalert sits at her desk every night to scratch away at her tickets. The desk is filled to the brim with stubs from previous tickets.

Tight Ticket
Boonmalert stated that the highest amount she has ever won at one time was $60 dollars. Boonmalert said she is still waiting for the day she gets a three digit winning.

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