Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Murder Runs in the Family - Photo Gallery

 Palisades Park High School in New Jersey put on a showing of the play Murder Runs in the Family on Friday, Mar. 22, 2013.

As the students prepare to put on the show, friends and family members anxiously wait for the show to begin.

 The show opens with a scene introducing Steven Fermin as Montgomery, right, and Celine Oh as Mirium Pallfeather. 

 Jahmir Whitaker as Jack Sparks, right, introduces his character to Montgomery with Ariana Vizcarra as Heather Pallfeather.

 Mirium, Montgomery, Jack, Patricia, and Heather meet Maxine Pallfeather, the long lost daughter of Mirium's late husband, who is played by Giovanna Severino. 

 A thunderstorm plagues the area near the Pallfeather residence and causes the lights to go in and out. 

 Both Jack and Heather believe that her father was murdered. They discuss how Jack, a private investigator, will be able to catch the murderer. 

 When the lights go out because of the storm, the messenger is found with a knife in his back. Jack steps on it to ensure he is really dead. 

 Jack takes Aunt Zelda's, who is played by Paula Giraldo, drenched coat to the closet. 

 When the lights go off again, the cop is discovered to have been killed. 

 A gun has been collected from the cop's body, which just happens to be Jack's gun.

 The family reconvenes after searching the house for the murderer, only to come back to find Montgomery dead on the floor. 

 Jack finally figures out who could've murdered the late Mr. Pallfeather, the messenger, the cop, and Montgomery. 

Aunt Zelda was uncovered as the murderer and threatens to kill everyone else just before the show ends. 

Visit Anastasia's Flickr to see more photos of the murder mystery thriller at Palisades Park High School.