Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Personality Profile: Annaleese Johnson

Frederick Maryland local and Angelcakes employee, Annaleese Johnson, watches as a customer decides
what flavor of cupcake she wants to buy. Angelcakes is a local bakery specializing in cakes and

Annaleese is the cupcake baker for the store. She arrives just before 6am every morning to prepare the mix, bake the cupcakes, and ice and top them all. On Valentine's Day, Annaleese baked and iced 50 dozen.

"It's a lot more work than you think," says Annaleese. After already working 10 hours on Sunday and having yet another two hours still to go, Annaleese makes the finishing touches on a wedding cake.

Even though the work can be stressful, Annaleese enjoys working at Angelcakes. Here she is prepping the mixer for toasted marshmallow cupcake ingredients. She said that the first couple of weeks that she started working, all she did was eat batter and icing, and now she can't seem to stomach it.
Just before leaving the store, Annaleese takes a call from a customer. She recommends topping the birthday boy's cupcakes with batman and superman symbols. He orders two and a half dozen.
The swirled cupcakes you see in the glass case are inspired by the Chesire Cat. 

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