Monday, September 17, 2012

Cloe Buzan

My name is Cloe Buzan and I am a Junior Broadcast Journalism Major. Since deciding upon journalism as my major, I've known that broadcast was the path that I would go down, but I am still deciding which branch of broadcast interests me the most. I have done volunteer work in both television and radio news. I also enjoy photography, but I had never really considered it as an option for my journalism career. I'm hoping that this multimedia journalism class will help me acquire skills that will be useful for me in all of these areas. Enhancing my skills with audio and video packages to further my progress in the areas of TV and radio is one reason that this class interests me. I'm hoping that it also opens my eyes to ways that I can use other forms of media such as photography.  I think being aware of technical skills in different areas of journalism will help me decide which area or areas i prefer.

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