Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 2 Homework Assignment

There are two things I've asked you to do this week before Friday:

One is the audio assignment, for which I have asked you to interview two people using your audio recorders — one you know, one you do not know — about their memories of 9/11. We will be using these interviews to learn about audio editing on Friday. Each raw interview should be 5-15 minutes long. You will be graded on the sound quality of your interviews (microphone placement, clarity) and whether or not you were mindful of letting your subjects finish their thoughts before you interrupt or interject. As we discussed in class, this is very important when working with audio. If you do not have your interviews in class on Friday, you will not have anything to work with when we learn to edit.

The second part of your assignment is to find a piece of multimedia journalism online — either a video, audio/slideshow or photo slideshow — and write up a one-page critique of the piece.
Talk about what works and what doesn’t. Please do not select something of mine to critique. Think about these questions when writing your critique:

1. What is the story?
2. How do they use the medium (video/photo-audio/photo) to enhance the story?
3. Do you think the medium they selected was the most effective for telling the story?
4. What works in this piece?
5. What do you think does not work in this piece? What, if anything, would improve it? Would the story be better suited for another medium?

The point of this assignment (and future assignments like it) is to get you to look at good and bad multimedia journalism. We will talk about these things more, but you will soon be able to distinguish what works and what doesn't.

Please write a one-page critique and either email it to me before 12 p.m. (noon) or hand it to me at the start of class on Friday. Remember that my deadlines are strict and late assignments will receive a lower grade. Let me know if you have any questions.

Enjoy your week.

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