Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to Intro to Multimedia Journalism - Spring 2012

Since I'm asking you all to say a little about yourselves, I'll tell you a little bit more about me. (This is by no means required reading.)

I grew up in Rochester, N.Y. and attended the University at Buffalo where I majored in English. I had no clue I would be interested in journalism until I took a course on feature writing junior year, which ultimately led me to where I am today. Right after college I started the Masters in Journalism program here at the college, and finished in December 2009.

Then, not wanting to move back home with my parents to the horribly cold Rochester, I decided to take the first job I was offered as a web producer at WAVY-TV 10 in Norfolk, Va. It wasn't my dream job by any stretch, but it was a job. When I was getting to the point where I didn't think I could stay there much longer, I got a call from The Daily Record and before long, they moved me back up here to be their web reporter.

Shooting and editing video has been my passion for a long time, and lately photography has nestled in right next to it. I always tell students that the best way to become a better photographer or videographer is to do as much of it as you can. The reason I say that is because that's how I improved (though I think I still have a long way to go).

Please respond to this post with a few paragraphs about yourself. Looking forward to learning more about you all.



Kirsten said...

Hi! My name is Kirsten Petersen and I’m a sophomore journalism major. I’m from Olney, Md., a small town with enough restaurants to serve the entire county (No, really—there are over 30 eateries in a one mile radius).

Since coming to Maryland, I’ve written for “The Diamondback” and “Unwind! Magazine” and volunteered at UMTV and WMUC News. I’m passionate about multimedia and I’m looking forward to expanding my skills and learning new storytelling techniques. I hope to work for an online news organization and report on environmental, local, and human-interest stories.

When I’m not reporting, I give campus tours, sing in a Lutheran praise band, “Joyful Noise” (yes, like the movie), and ride swings in Metro cars (Too good to be true? Check it out here)

jjanae said...
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Kevin said...

Hello, my name is Kevin Chinn and I’m a sophomore studying Broadcast Journalism. I am from Silver Spring, Md., which is just a suburb about 15-20 minutes away from College Park in Montgomery County.

I Went to high school at Gonzaga College High School in Washington D.C where I played basketball for two years (basically until my height ran out) and football for four years. One communications class my senior year where I would go up on T.V in front of the school and broadcast morning announcements among editing video features and other things was enough to convince me that this is what I wanted to do, so I was thrilled to be in the Philip Merrill Journalism School here.

Here at Maryland I have participated with WMUC Sports helping them editing audio clips to make highlights for the show "Terrapin Sports Rewind” last year. I Also had a radio show along with classmate Scott Zlotnick.

One day you’ll see my face or voice on T.V/radio and I’ll be living the life but until then just living one day at a time.

jjanae said...
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jjanae said...

Hello! My name is Jasmine Janae Cruz, but most people call me Janae. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park studying Broadcast Journalism and Leadership Studies.

I am originally from Pine Hill, N.J., but before you ask no I do not pump my fist and I cannot pump my own gas.

My passion for journalism really began my junior year in high school when I was chosen to be a student in the KYW News Studies Program. Throughout that three-month program I learned so much and it made me realize that I could see myself as a journalist.

Since then I have become involved in various publications on campus including being a staff writer for and Black Explosion. Recently I have realized that my passion is radio and online journalism. Although I am a really silly, fun, outgoing person I still cannot see myself in front of the camera but I could see myself working for a news radio station or online magazine.

The rest of my spare time is spent being a senator in the Residence Hall Association, working as a North Campus Community Assistant and giving tours to prospective students and their parents.

I hope to graduate from UMD with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and hopefully get a job working for a radio station, magazine or go to graduate school to get my Master’s degree in Higher Education. If you’d like to learn more about me or see my work check out my word press at

Nicko Duchesne said...

Hey everyone. I'm Nicko Duchesne, I'm a sophomore who has recently declared into the journalism school, where I'm planning on studying print journalism. I was born close by, in Silver Spring Md., but when I was a little kid i moved up to Ottawa, Canada where I've lived ever since.

Though I have always enjoyed writing, I came to Maryland planning on studying engineering. After calculus kicked my ass I decided journalism may be a better call. Writing was my initial interest in journalism, but I've grown pretty interested in the multimedia side, especially photography. I just got my first camera over winter break, and am excited to learn some of the tricks during this class.

I currently work as a cameraman for VOLi Sports, a broadcasting company that shows high school football and basketball games in Montgomery and PG county.

I'd love to end up working for a magazine, writing longfeature articles overseas as I travel the world.

Brittany said...

Hey everyone my name is Brittany Sena and I am a sophomore journalism major studying broadcast. I was born and raised in Bridgewater New Jersey and am currently living in College Park. I ultimately decided to come to the University of Maryland for their great journalism program and also for athletics. Since I was 5 years old I have been involved in competitive gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. I am now on the UMD acrobatics and tumbling team (formerly known as competitive cheer, named changed to gain NCAA recognition) which takes up any bit of free time I have right now. Our program, along with 7 other sports teams have recently been cut, and with this I look forward to getting much more involved in journalism next year. I would love to join different publications around campus and get a lot of experience, which I have not been able to do this far. I take a great interest in sports journalism especially, so I am definitely looking forward to pursuing that in particular. I look forward to the semester and getting to know everyone!

Tim Horsey said...

Hi, my name is Tim Horsey and I am a sophomore journalism major. I am from Finksburg, Md. I went to Calvert Hall College High School in Towson, where I captained the rugby team and played Alto Sax in the jazz band. I have always been a VERY passionate Baltimore sports fan, loyally following the Ravens, Orioles, Terps, and recently, the Capitals. This love for sports lead my to the journalism major.

While at College Park, I have participated in WMUC Sports. I participate in two different radio shows and I hope to work on a spring crew this semester. I also help to call the UMD Club Ice Hockey games. I will have an internship with WNST in Baltimore in the summer.

Hopefully one day you will be able to listen to me on the radio in the Baltimore area sharing my opinions on Baltimore sports.

Emily Wordsman said...

Hi, my name is Emily Wordsman. I'm a sophomore studying Print Journalism and looking to minor in philosophy. I am from Bedford, N.Y., which is a suburb about 45 minutes north of NYC.

I fell in love with Maryland the first time I ever stepped foot on the campus. Everything from its journalism program to its proximity to DC has been perfect for me. I have family that lives in the DC area and was visiting them when I decided to take a somewhat random trip to visit the University, clearly I haven't looked back since.

I definitely have the least journalism experience but look forward to changing that this semester. I'm most interested in magazine journalism but not entirely sure where I want my degree to take me yet. Hopefully this semester I'll be able to figure it out!

Scott Zlotnick said...

Hey, my name is Scott Zlotnick and I'm a sophomore broadcast journalism major. I'm from Havertown, Pa, right outside the greatest city in the country, Philadelphia. In high school, I played basketball for four years.

Since coming to Maryland, I've had a radio show with my classmate, Kevin Chinn, on WMUC sports. I've also broadcasted women's softball games for the station.

Last summer, I interned at 97.5 the Fanatic, Philadelphia's number one sports radio station. I edited clips, promos, and podcasted content for the station's website.

One day I hope to have my own sports-talk radio show where I can speak my mind and tell it like it is.

Cherise said...

Hey everyone! I'm Cherise Centi and I'm a sophmore magazine journalism major. I'm from middle-of-no-where Carroll County, Md.

At UMD I have freelanced for a few different campus publications. I also have had a radio show with the campus radio station WMUC every semester since I came to UMD. I play mostly metal music on my radio show, which is called Bazooka Joe's Jams.

I love photography and have been an avid photographer since my freshman year of high school. I want to eventually be a magazine journalist/photojournalist, preferably writing and taking photographs for a music magazine.

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone! I'm Hannah Anderson, a junior on the magazine journalism track. I went to high school in Edgewater, Md., which is a small town just south of Annapolis where the most exciting thing to happen in the past few years was the opening of a Sonic last month.

I currently work for Chesapeake Family, a small parenting magazine in Annapolis, and I also was recently offered a copy editing position at the Diamondback, so I'm looking forward to a very busy (but hopefully fun) semester.

I am interning for Jacksonville Magazine this coming summer, which I'm really excited for - I can't wait to live in and explore a new city and work for a medium-size regional magazine.

I ended up in Merrill after trying out several other majors that just didn't do it for me. I've always enjoyed writing, and I think the skills we learn in the J-school will help us out in any career we end up with. That being said, I don't really know what I want to do after I graduate. I've thought about trying to start up a regional magazine in some up-and-coming part of the country, but I'll just have to wait and see where life takes me.

I really think I am going to enjoy this course because I haven't taken a photography course since high school, and I am also looking forward to trying out audio and video for the first time.

Antonio Barbera said...

Hey, my name is Antonio Barbera and I'm a sophomore print journalism major and spanish minor. Ayayay! I'm from the great city of Baltimore and am a huge Ravens and O's fan, not to mention the Terps.

I went to high school at Loyola Blakefield and played soccer and started a sports radio show, which is how I first gained an interest in journalism. As a junior I had an amazing opportunity to work as a translator in a soccer exhibition between AC Milan and Chelsea, and I've been passionate about journalism and specifically sports journalism ever since.

Here at Maryland I've DJ'ed at WMUC and co-host a sports talk show at WMUC Sports, as well as write a blog for my hard luck Ravens. When I'm not reporting you can find me reading a nice short story under a tree somewhere.

gkratsas said...

Hello! My name is Gabrielle Kratsas. My friends call me Gabby,but I typically use Gabrielle for school and journalistic purposes; feel free to choose either. I am a sophomore print journalism major on the magazine track. I'm from Pittsburgh, Pa., (GO PENS!) but don't hate me for being a Steelers fan because I don't really watch the games.

At Maryland, I've avoided The Diamondback, but I've done small pieces for The Black Explosion and Unwind! Magazine. I currently write for the online magazine, Her Campus Maryland, and I am also interning at Bethesda Magazine, which has truly been an awesome experience.

My passion for journalism has actually come out of my passion for creative writing, which I hope to continue with throughout my life. However, since creative writing has been removed as a minor, I have decided to attempt minoring in Germanic studies, and I will also be taking Chinese and studying abroad in China. My absolute dream job would be to take my journalistic career abroad because my life goal is to see the world.

For now, my main goal is to survive this semester (internship + job + 16 credits) and to land an internship with National Geographic Traveler. I also box, have twin 4-year-old brothers and love life.

Finally, "It didn't make sense not to live for fun." - Smashmouth

Jack Chavez said...

Hello everyone, I'm Jack Chavez. I'm a junior journalism major, formerly a sociology major. This is my second semester in the program.

I'm from Bowie, which is only 15 miles east of campus. I went to DeMatha, Spalding, and Bowie High Schools (yes, a little bit of a tour!)

I haven't yet gotten myself involved with any publications on campus, but this semester I'm hoping to do so.

I've been a drummer playing in live bands for nearly half my life. I've gotten to have a lot of fun doing that, but nowadays I'm focusing on getting a degree.

I think journalism is a diverse field that can combine with my experience with music. I'm hoping a degree in journalism will allow me to continue being a musician later in life without having to do so living in my mom's basement.

Marquis Goodwin said...

Hello, my name is Marquis Goodwin and I am a sophomore here at the University of Maryland. I am currently studying broadcast journalism in hopes of working in either radio or television.

I was born in an urban city in Connecticut named Bridgeport but later moved to the suburban town of North Haven just before middle school. North Haven is just outside of New Haven where Yale University is located. For what it’s worth the town is listed amongst the top 100 places to live in the United States. The area is also known for some of the best pizza and is relatively close to where the first burger in the United States was made.

In high school I lettered in multiple sports, soccer being my best and captained by my senior year. I was also a part of the top five percent, admitting me into the learning group, the future problem solvers, or FPS. Outside of school I took part in over 100 hours of community service.The combination of the leadership role, academic standing, and service to my community earned an acceptance into the national honor society by junior year.

Despite them being offered, during high school I did not take any journalism classes. On the other hand, in my English courses I realized when I had a chance to be creative with or was intrigued by the topic I could write a compelling story. Consequently, when the choice of major came up on my application for the University of Maryland I chose journalism. I did not choose journalism on any other application and all together forgot I even chose it here at the University of Maryland, but I have come to enjoy the major so far.

After hearing ESPN’s Kevin Blackistone speak and urge all journalism students to get a blog and a twitter I have done so. The two social mediums take up most of my free time. I am into all things music, thus, my blog is a music blog. It releases all new hip-hop before it actually comes out on iTunes and gives reviews along with download links. In just over a year the blog has gotten over 55,000 downloads and recently experienced 500 downloads in one day. The blog is the reason for most of my followers on twitter, but I also often go on twitter rants. Feel free to visit my blog: or follow me @quistosuccess.

Jarrett Adams said...

Whats up everybody my name is Jarrett Adams and I was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Newark is probably most known around the country for having an airport that is still close enough to visit NYC. I am a sophomore broadcast journalism major here at the University of Maryland and just turned 20 this Sunday (1/29).

Right now I am a part of the Women’s Basketball News Crew here at Maryland. So far I’ve written a couple articles and done a few audio recaps for the lady Terps. I also host two radio shows for WMUC; one on Friday from 2-3 p.m. and another on which a co-host on Sunday from 7-8 p.m. I’m pretty excited about JOUR203 because this class really begins to lay the groundwork of the skills I’ll need moving forward. In the future I would like become a sports journalist.

I enjoy basketball and hip hop music. My favorite artist is Jay-Z but I’ll listen to just about anything. My favorite athletes are Derek Jeter, Floyd Mayweather, and Michael Jordan. On twitter you can follow me @MadeMan365 (I know, not professional). I use it just to have fun with friends and get information.

schmiederrr said...

Hi! My name is Sam Schmieder and I'm from a small town in New York called Warwick. There are currently more students enrolled in UMD than people in my whole town, which makes being here quite a change for me.

I'm a sophomore in the journalism school focusing on print journalism. My dream job is to work at some sort of music magazine like Rolling Stone or Spin.

I've always loved music, but my guitar skills were sadly never good enough to make me a YouTube celebrity, so I decided I'd stick to writing about it.

Because print publications are becoming extinct, I hope this class will help me get more familiar with the future of journalism.

Alex Gharghoury said...

Hey, I'm Alexandra (Alex is preferred, unless you're my mom). I'm a sophomore journalism major from a little town no one's heard of: Robbinsville, NJ (it's near Princeton).

I've known I've wanted to be a journalist since the 7th grade, when my love for hockey consumed me. My dream job is to report for the New York Rangers, whether print or broadcast. I'm also a Dallas Cowboys fan, which doesn't make it easy to live about an hour from both Philly and New York.

I don't have much experience in journalism, mostly tweeting as a fan but I'm volunteering for UMTV this semester and plan to intern in New York this summer.

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