Thursday, October 20, 2011

Samantha Medney - Breastfest of Champions III

Breast Cancer survivor Peggy Waterworth and her son Greg enjoy time together during the Breastfest of Champions III event hosted by Maryland fraternity Kappa Alpha. When talking about his mother, Greg said, "She's always been my champion, and when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, my whole world stopped and I knew I had to take care of her. This is for her."

At Maryland Fraternity Kappa Alpha's Breastfest of Champions III, students join together to eat, hang out and most importantly, celebrate the champions in their lives.

University of Maryland junior Blake VanBuskirk scoops mango Rita's ices for Breastfest of Champions III hosted by Kappa Alpha. VanBuskirk has a personal interest in this cause, as his grandmother Nellie was a victim of Breast Cancer.

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