Friday, October 28, 2011

Personality Portrait- Jasmine EgbireMolen

Tuesday night Maya Fletcher, a sophomore animal science major, begins participating in the first ever Oakland Hall Halloween door-decorating contest. In this photo Fletcher lays out in order for friends to sketch the outline of her body.
Later that same night Fletcher carefully cuts out spooky Halloween shapes to attach to her door. She is also minoring in art and takes great pleasure in participating in the event so she can put her art skills to the test.
Maya decides to finish off her night catching up on television shows she has missed due to class. Maya snuggles her teddy bear closely, she says that it reminds her of home. She also insisted that I include the teddy bear.
Thursday evening Maya pranks her roommate sophomore letters and science major Franklyn Abedi. Franklyn plays a concentration game on Maya's IPhone and is startled by an image of a scary Halloween depiction.
Later that night, when asked to pose, Maya proudly shows of her "Legalize Gay" t-shirt. Maya says the fight for Gay Equality is very near and dear to her because she has many Gay and Lesbian friends.


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