Friday, October 21, 2011

Physics is Phun! Event Pictures

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Attendees of the "Physics is Phun!" program, held in the Physics lecture halls of the University of Maryland campus, attentively watch the program led by Dr. Matt Bobrowsky. The program focused on optical illusions that can be created through physics.

Brian Tran-Doc (left) and Michael Hoang (right) interact with one of the hands-on displays at the "Physics is Phun!" event. This display was one of many that participants could interact with before and after the show.

This small pig was one of many displays at the "Physics is Phun!" event meant to illustrate ways to use physics to create illusions. The pig was actually not on top of the mirror, as it appears, but was inside the black bowl structure, which used mirrors inside of it to create the illusion.

-Brian Compere

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