Thursday, October 27, 2011


Ryu-Howie Grob, otherwise known as DJ REW!ND, has been mastering the skill of deejaying for more than six years.

DJ REW!ND performed at The Barking Dog in College Park on Saturday night for a crowd of more than 200 people. To his left is Julian Ragland, REW!ND's hype-man.

Grob says his headphones are his most prized possession. "Just like a baseball player has a lot of bats," he said, "I have a collection of headphones."

REW!IND performs at The Barking Dog on Saturday night in the club's first ever Dub Night, where owner John McManus allowed Grob and other underage music fanatics to enter for the first time since it opened in August.

DJ REW!ND is a junior at the University of Maryland studying criminology and criminal justice. Despite his studies, the 20-year-old DJ hopes to pursue a career in music.