Monday, October 22, 2012

 Junior Hannah Klein begins Fat Talk Free Week by chalking the sidewalks outside of the Delta Delta sorority house.
These various sayings encouraging women to end "fat talk" can be spotted all throughout campus during the upcoming week. 

On campus, members of the Delta Delta Delta sorority ask students to sign the Fat Talk Free Week pledge, promoting a healthy body image.
 Once the pledge is signed, students are welcome to choose from a variety of fat talk free items including lollipops and stickers.

                                          The lollipops read "End fat talk, love your body."

Before the end of the day nearly 100 students stopped by the booth to sign the pledge and learn more about Fat Talk Free Week. 
Before packing up the booth to leave, Junior Amanda Witt signs her name on the pledge as well, vowing to stop all negative body image talk. 

 Witt leaves the booth and makes her way to McKeldin library where she posts notes on the mirrors.
On-lookers admire the encouraging notes left in the bathroom's of McKeldin.

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