Monday, October 29, 2012

Personality Profile

Alex Levy shows off his disc collection at the beginning of the Calvert Road disc golf course. When the weather is nice, the University of Maryland sophomore can often be found playing 18 quick holes between classes.

After a poor first throw, Levy throws around a tree to avoid a bogey. While he has been playing disc golf since coming to the University of Maryland, he recently joined Maryland's Club Frisbee 'B' team, the "Solar Flairs."

Levy winces in disappointment after narrowly missing a throw for par on the second hole. 

Although there are discs created specifically for disc golf, Levy uses a 175 gram Discraft Ultra-Star instead. These discs, the standard in Ultimate Frisbee games, help him work on his accuracy.

Levy catches a disc while tossing with friends after the game. In addition to disc golf and ultimate frisbee, Levy plays other frisbee-related games, including a team game called Kan-Jam. 

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