Monday, October 29, 2012

Personality Profile Damiano Melcarne

University of Maryland sophomore Damiano Melcarne likes to mix music as a disk jockey in his spare time. Damiano has been DJing since he was 17. 

Damiano uses a program called Virtual DJ to mix his music. The program allows him to seamlessly transition between songs, and reveals specific about the musical elements of each track.

His turntable, a Pioneer WeGO, allows him to manipulate the music in a variety of ways. He can change the pitch, adjust the bass and treble, and add many different effects to the music.

As a DJ, Damiano finds it important to create a fun atmosphere, and uses his Blizzard Snowball! and Colorstrip Mini lights to do so. These lights change colors to the beat of the music, and enhance the performance by creating a lively environment.

Damiano likes to DJ because he loves the music. He is never sitting still when he performs, always jamming out to the music like the audience.