Monday, October 22, 2012

Univ. of Maryland Skating Team Prepares for Nationals.

 At the Herbert Wells ice rink in College Park, Md., the ice is marked with the Maryland Synchronized skating team's skate blades.
 Pamela Winter, 21, Senior at the Univ. of Maryland demonstrates a skating move called the Ina Bower. It is not such a easy move to pull off as it requires hip flexibility as well as ankle resistance.
 The Maryland Synchronized skating team stands together in what is called a "Pivite line," and element that is crucial for the United States Synchronized skating competition.
 Melissa Troung (Left) raises her hand to let her coaches know she can spin for what is called the "isolated moves," according to the U.S. Federation Skating Moves handbook.
 Pamela Winter, 21, smiles as her coaches explain their vision for their choreography to the music in The movie Charlies Angels.
 Coaches Kim Eddy, Former Univ. of Maryland student, and Carlie Jenkins, former Miami Synchronized Skating team captain, give their criticism after a program " run through" was well done.
 The Herbert Wells Ice rink homes the Univ. of Maryland Hockey and Figure Skating teams.
 Lauren Daly, Senior at the Univ. of Maryland  carefully removes the blade cover.
Coaches Carli Jenkins and Kim Eddy show the Team how they need to be connected for a "traveling circle."

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