Monday, October 22, 2012

UMD's South Campus Dining Hall Lunch Time

University of Maryland sophomore, Elise Pruissen, takes a bit out of the juicy pineapple that is offered at the South Campus Dining Hall's salad bar. 
University of Maryland students fill up their compostable Pepsi cups during the lunch rush at the South Campus Dining Hall. 

All of the University dining halls provide to-go sandwiches and fruit for "terps on the go." 

Two University of Maryland students enjoy eating lunch and catching up on homework in the more quiet, study-friendly Gazebo Room, located at the back of the South Campus Dining Hall. 

University of Maryland students Amalie, Danielle, and Alex study, socialize, and eat their lunches in the Gazebo Room. 

University of Maryland sophomore, Elise Pruissen, uses the Gazebo Room as a place to study without distraction in between her classes. The Gazebo Room has no internet access as a way to facilitate discussion, but Elise says the lack of internet helps her write her papers without the distractions of Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media websites. 

The Gazebo Room is popular among both students and faculty who choose to eat in an environment that is less crowded and noisy than the main dining room. 

A University of Maryland student orders a salad from "Sensational Salads", where students can choose from two different types of lettuce, an array of vegetables, proteins, and dressings. 

The South Campus Dining Hall offers a salad bar that is always stocked with strawberries, grapes, and pineapples, as pictured above.