Monday, October 22, 2012

Student organizations fundraise and promote their cause outside of Stamp.

Chelsea Deere'13, Amy Duff'14, Brookes Nichols'14, and Patrick Creighton'14 fundraise for the Maryland Equestrian Club, MEC, outside of Stamp.
In order to raise funds for the MEC, the members set up a table selling raffle tickets, pumpkins, and baked goods including: chocolate, maple bacon, red velvet and orange velvet cupcakes, sugar and chocolate chip cookies, and brownies.
With halloween soon approaching the Maryland Equestrian Club hopes to fundraise by selling pumpkins.
Jen Rollman'15 and Rachel Ostrow'15 of Tri Delta promote healthy body image with Fat Free Talk.
Jen Rollman'15 and Rachel Ostrow'15 encourage peers to sign the Tri Delta pledge to promote Fat Free Talk, especially among girls, in order to help with healthy body image.
The board, made by the sisters of Tri Delta, where people can sign the Fat Talk Free Week pledge. On the board is the pledge written out.
Lollipops are given to those who sign the Fat Talk Free Week pledge encouraging girls to love their body.
Along with lollipops and reading and signing the Fat Talk Free Week pledge, the sisters of Tri Delta are giving away stickers and flyers to help spread the word. Fat Talk Free Week is aimed to increase positive body image among girls and raise awareness. Photo Set