Sunday, October 28, 2012

Personality Pix

 Max Bortniker, a sophomore at Staples High School, is a performer at heart. He lives and breathes guitar, hoping to one day professionally record music.
 As a one-man band, Bortniker plays the acoustic and electric guitar, drums, piano, writes and sings his own lyrics. Bortniker also started a band with friends and produces their songs on YouTube.
 Playing the guitar since the young age 3-years-old, Bortniker has a collection of guitars including acoustic and electric. Bortniker plays a variety of genres expressing himself through music.
 Always seeking an audience, Bortniker constantly is creating some form of music. Bortniker is constantly trying to entertain himself and others.
 Inspired and motivated, Bortniker experiments teaching himself how to play the drums.
Playing his electric guitar, Bortniker adjusts the levels on his amp. Bortniker creates music mixing separate recordings of his vocals, acoustic and or electric guitar, drums, and keyboard on a computer program.
Personality Pix

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