Thursday, March 10, 2016

I Got the Hot Chocolate - Bria Robinson

Vigilante Coffee, located on 4327 Gallatin St, Hyattsville, MD 20781. Small town coffee shop with a lot of business!

Kelly Hudson, works mainly at the register at Vigilante. She stars to pick up the pace as the line starts to grow longer. 

Around 8:00am, the line gets longer and longer at Vigilante Coffee. People strolling in wearing business suits to workout attire. 

Kelly says, "I was just taught how to make expresso. I made my first tiny heart the other day." Each cup of coffee is made with a heart in the middle. 

With so much business, Franklin Ventura has to stay on top in getting those coffee beans ready for brewing!

"It's only a few scoops" Kelly says as she prepares to make a cup of tea.

Anna Tompkins shows me how to refill the hot water dispenser, being careful not to let any splash onto her. 

Anna Tompkins shows how the hot water is measured on one of the scales, "The scales have an app to show you different recipes, it's really cool."

Charlie Guest works hard creating hot chocolates, and expressos, and many different beverages at Vigilante Coffee. 

"Is the bread sweet?" the customer asked while Kelly Hudson takes one out explaining the chocolate drizzle on the bread adds to its wonderful taste. 

The customers listen to Kelly Hudson as she explains the bread, and shows happiness with their purchase. 

Kelly Hudson, "watch me as I make coffee!" she begins to brew a cup of coffee, being careful to only take a few beans out of the machine. 

Kelly Hudson then prepares her coffee pot, making sure to only use fresh and new equipment.

"You have to pour slow, you do not want to pour too much over the beans" as Kelly Hudson begins to move the water into a circular motion, making sure she does not pour too much water into the pot.

Kelly Hudson emphasizes to me the temperature of the water. The water is extremely hot, and should not be touched by bare hands.