Thursday, March 10, 2016

Terp Vets Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser

Terp Vets, a veterans group, hosted a dodge ball tournament fundraiser on Sunday, March 6, 2016. The event took place in Ritchie Colosseum. David Fisher/JOUR203
Jason Musick of Terp Vets looks around while making beads before the tournament. David Fisher/JOUR203
Natasha Paulmeno talks with another player before the tournament. David Fisher/JOUR203

Daniel Ofman throws a dodgeball during a game. Ofman was a member of the LANGHAUS team, which stands for Language House. David Fisher/JOUR203

A cone marks the line in the middle of the court where the players cannot cross. 20 players came to the event. David Fisher/JOUR203

Daniel Ofman runs with a ball in midst of a game. David Fisher/JOUR203

Josh Nesselrodt, a referee, talks to Jason Musick before the games. Each participant gave five dollars to help out Terp Vets. David Fisher/JOUR203

In the midst of action, a dodgeball is grabbed to start a game. David Fisher/JOUR203

Jeremy Baum of the Dodgefathers reacts to getting out of the game. David Fisher/JOUR203

A member of a Dodgefathers team prepares to throw a ball as Jeremy Baum runs off the court after getting out. David Fisher/JOUR203

The group had fun in a group photo before the final game. There were four teams: Dodgefathers, LANGHOUS, Team Maccabees, AXO. David Fisher/JOUR203

The Dodgefathers team, in greenish-yellow shirts, won every game on route to winning the tournament. The final game was between them and the Team Maccabees. David Fisher/JOUR203

A handshake line formed after the final game which the Dodgefathers won. David Fisher/JOUR203


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