Thursday, March 3, 2016

Laura Perrot Photo Assignment 2

The University of Maryland Ultimate Frisbee A Team watches their captains demonstrate their next drill at practice Tuesday night.

Sarah Badawi, sophomore, runs to an orange cone as she completes a drill at ultimate frisbee practice on Tuesday.

The Ultimate Frisbee club team at the University of Maryland holds a practice on Xfinity Turf Tuesday night to prepare for their match against University of Delaware.

Jennifer Pridemore, senior B Team Captain (left) and Logan Weir, sophomore (right) pass the frisbee with a partner during a practice Tuesday.

(From left to right) Galen Reifsnider, junior, Alyssa Resnick, freshman, Amy Buck, freshman, and Catherine Heller, freshman, wait in line to run a drill at ultimate frisbee practice Tuesday night.

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