Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nonso Ude portraits

Chinonso Ude, sophomore, is an Aerospace Engineer major at the University of Maryland, College Park.
As an Aerospace Engineer major, Ude builds and learns about the functions of aircrafts, missiles, satellites and more. Ude wants to someday become a pilot. 

Ude presents one of his creations, a wind tunnel, used to test the function and stability of individual aircrafts on a smaller scale.

The wooden wind tunnel is used to test whether or not an aircraft, specifically airplanes, can stand certain wind levels. A mini airplane is built and then placed inside the wooden frame as the wind is attached to the back. Once the wind is turned on, the airplane will begin to float, and Ude will check to see if the airplane inside can withstand the wind.

Ude enjoys being an Aerospace Engineer major at the University because it provides him with a hands-on experience of building and creating miniature models of aircrafts in order to better understand the functions of them. 

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