Thursday, March 10, 2016

Julianne Maxwell: Jordan's night time routine

 "I usually make the trek up to the third floor to my room pretty early to get ready for bed." She gripped on to the rail as she slowly made it up each step before reaching the top floor.
"I just like to make sure I get plenty of sleep for my 9 am." She opened the door to enter the room she shares with two other roommates.

She began her nightly routine by wiping off her make up with make up remover. She started with the right eye and then moved to the left until all the black make up was gone.

"I should have probably taken my contacts out before I wiped my make up off." She noticed some make up got in to her eye and on to her contact.

She headed to the bathroom where she picked up her toothbrush and toothpaste and brushed her teeth. She stood swirling the toothbrush around her mouth in silence for a few minutes before she rinsed her mouth.

She washed her face thoroughly and dried it off with a grey towel after she successfully removed all the suds. 

"I can't forget to pee before bed or else i'll wake up in the middle of the night having to go!" She thought this would add some humor to the story as she sat waiting to complete her duties.

She went back to her bedroom and took her pajamas out of her dresser to change. She put on snowflake pants and a shirt with her sorority across the front, both loose fitting.

She took the covers off her nicely made bed so she could fit snugly under them.

She turned off the light she was using earlier to complete her accounting homework. With one click the bright light turned off.

"I pretty much just play with my phone and check social media until I get tired and fall asleep." She sat dabbling on her phone and occasionally smirking at something funny she came across. 

"In bed by ten, just the way I like it." 

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