Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tina Vo, Children's Blood Drive

The Children's National Medical Center brings a new meaning to "blood drive" on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, as a team comes to the University of Maryland, College Park in a "bloodmobile." The "bloodmobile" is a fully-functioning bus that carries everything needed for a blood drive.
Inside the "bloodmobile," Sonya McConnell (middle, standing), blood donor recruiter, speaks with Perryn Miller (right, standing), aphaeresis technician, as he finishes checking on a donor's progress. 
Junior Public Health major, Chloie Reyes, 20, donates blood for her first time. She was a little nervous but made it through with no problems.

A medical technician draws a blood sample from a donor candidate to check if the candidate's blood meets the requirements needed to donate.

The first two donors of the day, Chloie Reyes and Shannon Morken, Senior Cell Biology major, 23, lay across the bus from each other while donating. The two must continue to squeeze the foam ball to keep the blood flowing from their arm into the bag.