Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Charles Ray Christian, sophomore kinesiology major, shows off his talents as a 13 year Hapmudo (an exclusive mixture of Korean martial arts) martial artist on March 23. 

Christian was named “staff master” with the bo staff at the age of 14 while in the progress of receiving his second degree black belt. He has also taught as an instructor at Yung Sung Lee Hapmudo Studio since the age of 12. 
Charles Ray Christian practices a split round-side kick on the Chapel lawn of the University of Maryland before working on his flipping techniques. 
Christian demonstrates how to properly land a back-hand spring. 

“Meditation isn’t about clearing the mind. It’s about building character. You discipline yourself to ignore distractions and clear your mind. Ultimately to gain a full sense and control of self,” Christian says reflecting on the importance of meditation before and after engaging in any martial arts. 

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