Thursday, March 10, 2016

Clayton Powell Memorial Event

A former White Oak student watches a memorial video at an event memorializing Clayton Powell. Clayton Powell served as a custodian at White Oak Middle School and passed away in 2014.
Dominic's Italian Grill hosted the event in Clayton Powell's honor.  
Two guests whisper about Clayton Powell while watching the memorial video.
Walter Ray stands up to speak about Clayton Powell and to thank guests for attending.
One of Clatyon Powell's students shares her stories with other guests.

Guests reminisce and share stories about Clayton Powell.  

A friend of Clayton Powell talks about Powell's dedication to his job as custodian at White Oak High School.

Guests fill the event room of Dominic's Italian Grill to capacity to watch a memorial video for Clayton Powell. 

Guests applaud the memorial video shown in honor of Clayton Powell. The video contained images of students from White Oak and testimonies from both Powell and his friends and family.
Guests signed a petition to name the White Oak High School gymnasium after Clayton Powell.

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