Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Delta Dogs"

On Thursday, October 9th, 2014, the sisters of Delta Delta Delta and brother of Delta Sigma Pi, hosted their first annual "Delta Dogs" event. Delta Dogs is an event that supports Prince George's County Animal Management Division, by letting students play with their dogs in hopes that it will encourage people to adopt or volunteer. 
University of Maryland students flooded Mckeldin Mall to play with the cute animals of PG County's animal shelter. The line stretched almost the full width of the Mall.
Tri Delta sisters, Lexi Fried and Alyssa D'Orrozio, showed some support for both the animals and their sorority. They were amazed by the turn out.
Sophomore Caroline Cummings and friend Beebe Rose could not put down the cute Chihuahua, Taco. Rose said he was one of the cutest puppies there. 
Sophomore Nicole Bendush and junior Nicolette Fiacco also got their turn with Taco, who was tough to take away from Caroline and Beebe. But, Taco was loving all the attention he was receiving. 
Delta Sig brother, Ian Scott, held on tight to this popular, furry pet. "He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die" was the reaction this pup was getting from everyone. 
Golden Retriever, Buddy, needed to hydrate after all the love he was receiving. Even then, the girls could not keep their hands off of him.
Sophomore Taylor Britvan, cuddled up to the cute golden retriever, right after his water break. Poor puppy could not catch a breather, everyone loved him!
In their down time from being hostesses, Lexi and Alyssa got to play with one of the shelter's puppies. They said they can't wait to become volunteers and play with him some more.
Nicole Bendush, met another friend who was full of energy. This puppy could not wait to play.
Nicole and this mixed breed, Banjo, were having a blast together. Bendush said she wanted to take him home with her. 
The group of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters posed for one last picture before their fun event ended. The turn out was amazing, and they appreciated everyone showing support.