Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Think B1G And Say "OM". Students try to break record for longest yoga chain

The "Think B1G and Say OM" event was a part of homecoming week.  The goal of the even was to try to break the Guiness world record for longest yoga chain.

Tickets were free, but you had to register for one at the door to get in.

Campus recreation services employee Mattieu Petite-Hommes directs participants to the fields in the center of Cole Fiedhouse.

Once everyone was assembled, they were put into orderly lines for the yoga chain.

Mark Poisson said he is a "yoga veteran."

This is the "warrior" pose, one of three poses used throughout the event.

 A group of Maryland students try out the warrior pose in a chain.

 The Maryland Dance team led the event and instructed participants on how to perform the poses.
 This second pose was called "cobra".

Once students found out that they had not broken the record for longest yoga chain, many headed for the exits.

 But some stayed for a free yoga class afterward.


Campus recreation services employee Jacob Blair stayed around to help clean up the tape left on the ground.

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