Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Sukkah Mobile

 Rabbi Eli Backman prepares UMD students for the Sukkah Mobile.
University of Maryland student Alex Attraji gets ready to read the prayers in the Sukkah Mobile.
 Rabbi Eli Backman says the prayer over the wine with UMD students (from left to right) Alex Newfield, Brandon Greenfield and Matthew Bistrinksy.
 UMD students get ready to shake the lulav - branches of a palm tree -  and the etrog - a citron - in the Sukkah Mobile.

 UMD Student Avi Goodfrend shakes the lulav and etrog as his friend Fievel Glaser watches and prays.

 Rabbi Eli Backman shares some homemade cookies with UMD students in the Sukkah Mobile.
 Rabbi Eli Backman and UMD student Allen Shirian discuss the importance of the holiday of Sukkot in the Sukkah Mobile.
The etrog represents a Jew that learns Torah and does good deeds. The lulav represents a Jew that learns Torah and does not do other good deeds.
 After reciting prayers, a person is suppose to shake the lulav and etrog together in all four directions.
The Sukkah Mobile has just finished up a session at 4615 College Avenue, College Park and is getting ready to move to another location.


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