Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ginger goes to Delta Dogs

Ginger, an eight year-old yellow lab, drools on the car window as she gets ready to go to the University of Maryland for Tri Delta and Delta Sigma Phi's first annual Delta Dogs. The event raises awareness for homeless dogs and all dogs were invited.

Ginger arrives at the University of Maryland and her eyes dart immediately to the students walking by. She is eager to get out of the car as she loves people and hates car rides.

Ginger's first stop before the philanthropy event held on Mckeldin Mall is at Kappa Alpha Theta. She needs to have a pit stop for water before walking over.
As she arrives on Mckeldin Mall, Ginger excitedly sniffs around and explores a bit before going to the big event. Ginger has never been to the university before so she is eager to scope it out.

Ginger gets attention from many students at the event. The students said that Ginger was one of the biggest dogs at the event.

Justin Goldspiel (left) and Matt Ernst (right) give Ginger water and treats for behaving well. Both Goldspiel and Ernst are members of Delta Sigma Phi.

Ginger takes a break in front of Tyler Troise (right) and Brian Nowak (left). There were so many people at the event that she was overwhelmed.

Ginger moves under a chair as she gazes at all of the people attending the event. It was around 80 degrees outside so she needed shade.

Ginger leaves the event and stares at Mckeldin Library. She had a great day participating in the event and helping raise awareness for sheltered dogs.

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