Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pre-Pharmacy Society Bake Sale Photo Essay by Kristine Auble

Philip Lee, a member of this university's Pre-Pharmacy Society, sets up for a fund raising bake sale on Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014. Lee makes sure all the baked goods are visible as he waits for other club members to arrive.                                
Members of this university's Pre-Pharmacy Society sell baked goods to students outside of Stamp Student Union. The members lowered the price of their brownies so these two customers could enjoy a mid-day snack.
Home-made brownies and cookies line the table at the Pre-Pharmacy Society's bake sale outside of Stamp Student Union. Members of the society know that college students are on a budget so their highest price is only one dollar. 

The Pre-Pharmacy Society's stand is setup outside of Stamp Student Union where most students walk by to catch their buses or to go to class. The society hopes to raise money for their chapter so they can go on field trips and sponsor events.
 Quynh Nguyen, far right, and her friends in the Pre-Pharmacy Society wait for customers to buy their baked goods at their. The members try to stay busy while they wait for hungry students.

A few unwanted customers disturb the bake sale as a swarm of bees buzzes around the Pre-Pharmacy Society's table. One member pulled out the bug spray to stop the pesky bees.
Left alone to deal with the bees, Philip Lee tries to swat them away as he mans the table. He says the bees are annoying, but he knows someone has to watch the brownies.

Members of the Pre-Pharmacy Society sort their dwindling baked goods at their table. The members quickly realize that hungry college students love baked goods.
Members of the Pre-Pharmacy Society sell some of their last baked goods outside of Stamp Student Union.  The members try to get the attention of students so they can sell as many baked goods as possible.

At the end of the day, the Pre-Phramacy Society sold most of its baked goods at their stand. The members didn't have many leftovers to take with them as they cleaned up for the day.