Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Think B1G and say 'OM' Yoga Chain Event

Campus Recreation Services' employee Amanda Lotwin helped collect tickets at the entrance of Cole Field House before the "Think B1G and say 'OM'" yoga chain and world record attempt Oct. 14.

Participants stood or sat on the turf in Cole prior to the start of the event. By the time the event started, CRS hoped to have 700 people in this space.

Students and other participants waited in designated areas for the event to begin. Many people were on their cell phones, stretching or talking to the person next to them.

During an introduction, two CRS yoga instructors gave an example of each of the three different poses - Warrior II, Triangle, and Cobra - that participants would have to complete. The one shown above is known as Warrior II.

To motivate the participants and get them excited for the yoga chain, the yoga instructors encouraged everyone to give the person next to them a high five.

Participants were first asked to perform Warrior II. Poses were performed in a snake-like line on the turf, and participants had to hold the poses for a minute or two while stewards counted the participants and verified correct pose execution.

A close up of two girls' hands that were connected for Warrior II.

In between Warrior II and the subsequent pose, Triangle, the yoga instructors asked participants to close their eyes and make their body language resemble that of a sunflower. Student Maddie Monaco's pose was unique from the rest.

Triangle pose required everyone's palms to be extended toward the sky. While walking down the isles, I saw this hand. Initially, I thought it was an inspirational quote of sorts for the event; in actuality, it was a to-do list.

The final pose, Cobra, required everyone to lie on the ground and touch the feet of the person in front of them. People didn't seem too enthused at the idea.

After Cobra pose, the event came to a close. Although the world record was not broken - there were 537 participants instead of 700 - participants had the choice to stay at Cole for a 30-minute yoga class following the event. The students shown above probably had the coolest workout leggings I have ever seen in my life.

During the post-event workout class, participants mirrored the yoga instructor's poses, such as this one.

This is a close up of the arms of the closest male to the camera in the previous picture, extending his arms toward the sky.

The yoga class included a variety of poses, including this body-twister.

CRS yoga instructor Roni Zelivinski, who also led the yoga chain during the main event,  was in charge of leading the class through the different poses.

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