Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gallery assignment

On Tuesday evening students and guests attended the "Think B1G and Say OM" yoga event to break the world record for the largest chain of people doing yoga in preparation to Homecoming.

Fitness instructors gave students a name tag and collected a ticket to ensure that there is a correct count of people participating in the event.

At Cole Field House, over 530 people were separated into quadrants and gathered on the turf in anticipation of breaking the record.    

Before the event began, participants had time to leisurely talk and warm up while event coordinators prepared the event and waited for more participants. 

Certified yoga instructor, Roni Zelvinski lead students on each pose and demonstrated the movements along with two instructors. 

Yoga poses were practiced by students, yet the record required them to keep contact with the people next to you. Two CRS instructors demonstrated each pose.

University of Maryland students copied each pose. Participants were required to hold each pose until the people in each quadrant were counted. 

After they attempted to break the world record, the event concluded with peaceful yoga session, one not required to keep a chain anymore.

Students got a chance to relax and engage in peaceful meditation right in the midst of midterms. Deep  breathing is also a practice in yoga.

Although the University of Maryland did not break the world record, students still united and celebrated the Homecoming event and showed school spirit. 

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