Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Think B1G and Say "Om" - Caroline Finnell

Students walked into the entrance of Cole Field House on Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014 to participate in Think B1G and Say "Om." The University of Maryland aimed to "Think B1G" and break a World Record for largest human yoga chain as a part of homecoming week. 

Students, alumni, and faculty could sign up to participate in Think B1G and Say "Om" as soon as they entered Cole Field House. There needed to be 700 Terps in order to break the World Record.  
Kaela Schneider, a member of the Kappa Delta Sorority, talked to friends while waiting in line to participate in the human yoga chain. Schneider had to wait in a separate line designated for Greek students. 

Fitness Instructor Emilie Berman (left) gives student Madeleine Kelleher a sticker after Kelleher signed into the event. Eppley Recreation Center employees helped sign students into the event.  
Each participant was given a sticker after signing up for Think B1G and Say "Om." The sticker had a specific location for each participate to be in so the yoga chain would connect. 

Fitness instructors gave each participant a red ticket after receiving his or her sticker. Before heading down to the field, participants tossed their tickets into a bucket to be counted.

Participants waited in their designated spots in center of Cole Field House in an attempt to make the largest human yoga chain. A stage was built in the center of the field for the yoga instructor. 

Participants bowed their heads and raised their hands for the second position in the human yoga chain. 

Participants got cozy with one another after they had to hold hands with the person standing next to them. This particular pose required hands and feet to be touching at all times. 

Participants had to have each foot touching another foot while remaining in the given yoga pose. These three participants said they did not plan their color coordinated socks. 

Participants of Think B1G and Say "Om" waited patiently for a yoga class inside Cold Field House. Fitness instructors held a 30-minute yoga class for participants after the event ended.


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