Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Women in Politics Panel

Students from all ages and genders attended the Women in Politics Panel held on October 15, 2014 in the Charles Carroll room at Stamp Student Union. The panel was intended to answer any questions the students had about what it takes to be a woman in politics.

Congresswoman Donna Edwards (left) and UMD Government and Politics Professor Francis Lee listened intently to a students question before Congresswoman Edwards answered it.

Congresswoman Edwards waved goodbye to the students as she left early to go to another appointment across town. 

EMILY's List PAC Political Opportunity Program Coordinator Daniella Urbina answered a question that a student asked about the challenges that woman candidates face. Urbina touched on how having a family and a woman's appearance play important roles in how they are perceived in the public eye.

Sophomore UMD Journalism major Naomi Harris took notes as she listened to the panel speak.

The floor was opened for a Question and Answer portion in which the students were allowed to ask any lingering questions that they still had.

Second year grad student Kristen Franklin (second from left) asked a question about how to get involved and noticed in politics as a woman. Franklin expressed concern that employers do not care about her qualifications or experience because she is female.

Urbina (right), Franklin (middle), and the proctor shared a laugh as they ended the program.

The students applauded and thanked the panelists for coming out to speak to them after the event ended. 

Urbina stayed for a few minutes after the panel was over to interact with and answer any personal questions students might have had.