Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Walk Now For Autism Speaks-- Caroline Cummings

Zumba dancers bring some of the 10,000 walkers who participated in the event on stage to energize them before the walk begins on Sunday October 5, 2014.

An energetic Montgomery County police officer Laurie Reyes greets a man suffering with Autism before Congressman Chris Van Hollen recognizes her and Officer Tara Wimmer on stage for their efforts and success in finding a local young man with Autism who went missing earlier in the week. He wandered from Fredrick to Laurel, Maryland and was missing for six days but the two officers did not give up on finding him.

These blue Autism speaks wristbands were among many Autism Speaks items you could purchase from the vendor booths along the mall. Proceeds went to the organization. 

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