Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A spring teaser comes to Maryland after weeks of cold weather

Students at the University of Maryland in College Park, Md., enjoy a game of catch on the campus mall on Tuesday during a preview into spring weather with temperatures reaching nearly 70 degrees fahrenheit.

Bicycle racks were filled to capacity all over school grounds. This rack, located in front of Tawes Fine Arts Building, was nearly empty last week when temperatures dropped to seasonal lows.

UMD junior Zoe Di Giorno said she was shocked to see flowers buds on the ground during her walk between classes. 

Prospective UMD students receive a tour of campus on the warm Tuesday afternoon. Parents and prospects came prepared for the weather wearing shorts and sandals. 

A city employee in downtown Silver Spring, Md., takes down the winter lights in a hopeful gesture of seasonal changes. The area has been hit with multiple snow storms over the last several weeks.
The outside patio area of Starbucks in Silver Spring is packed for the first time in months, according to store employees.
Shoppers, students and employees socialize in the downtown Silver Spring plaza without their winter boots and layers of jackets. 

Ice skating enthusiasts enjoy some rare warm weather on the local rink in Silver Spring.
Silver Spring vendor Nuts 4 Nuts prepares salty snacks for the surplus of local residents outside enjoying the refreshing climate.

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