Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Annapolis CSA - photojournalism homework

Groundworks Farm of Pittsville, Md., brings the weekly haul of seasonal produce and pasture-raised meat to Annapolis, Md., on March 1. Members in their Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) program may take home over 15 pounds of vegetables weekly and 20 pounds of meat monthly. 

Margaret Evans, co-owner and manager of Groundworks Farm, runs the Annapolis pick-up location, which operates between 9 and 12 p.m., every Saturday. Members discover what they'll take home upon arrival but many enjoy the challenge of experimenting with foods they wouldn't necessarily buy at the grocery store.
The first Saturday of the month is the big meat take-home for the winter farm share; members pick out selections of grass-fed meat including lamb, beef and pork as well as two full chickens. The large variety of cuts, ranging from pork chops to sirloin steaks, are intended to last throughout the month, according to Evans.

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