Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Afternoons at Terpzone

Several groups of UMD students relax with a game a pool at TerpZone on March 13, 2014 after a week of stressful midterms. 

Sophomore Chris Zhang concentrates on his alignment as he shoots and hopes for the best.

Freshman Jason Ye is determined to win as he takes the last shot of the game against his friend Chris Zhang.

The cue ball sits alone on the pool table after the game is over.

Freshman Andrea Yang selects her song on the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) machine.
Yang holds on to the railings of the machine as she smiles and tells her friends, "I think this song is too hard".

Yang says that to be good at the game you must focus on your footwork.

Junior Jhonathan Umanzor concentrates on his alignment. Umanzor says he lost the last few games to his friend, but is now winning this game and hopes his lucky streak will continue. 

Stefany Martinez looks at ease after her shot helps her take the lead again against Umanzor, putting an end to his streak of luck.  

The pool room is busy at 2 p.m. as players like Panitta Yusabai (center) line up their shots and challenge their friends. 

By 4:30 p.m. the pool hall in the TerpZone is deserted after all the players have left.

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