Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Student Filmmaker Jon Ryan

Sophomore film major Jon Ryan poses in front of a camera. He has been experimenting with filmmaking since High School. 

Ryan assembles the lens of his own DS-LR camera. He got the camera last year, and has since used it to shoot most of his video.
Ryan sets up a time-lapse shot in the backyard of the Gilchrist Hospice facility. Ryan is currently working on filming a documentary for the facility, which he says will be finished by May.

Ryan poses while examining his camera. Last semester, Ryan wrote and directed the short film "Choice," which was screened at the Maryland Film Festival and won an award for best male actor. 
Ryan poses with camera and lens. In addition to making films, Ryan also enjoys acting in them. This semester, he is cast in three student films, which will premiere at the University of Maryland Film Festival in April.

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