Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Personality Portrait Assignment- Roller Derby

Ida Burton is the president of the Red Bank Roller Vixens, a roller derby league started in New Jersey in 2011. Burton is known on the track by her "derby name," Duchess Down Lo.
Burton started playing roller derby in 2010. Here, she poses for a photo in Tab Ramos Sports Center in Matawan, NJ, where her team held practice on March 23.
Burton prepares to hip check her teammate, Anita Guinness, in a practice drill. Burton's main position on the team is as a pivot, which is a category of a defensive player whose responsibilities include calling plays and setting the team's pace.
Burton skates around the Tab Ramos indoor rink to warm up for a drill. The Roller Vixens are practicing in preparation for their first game of the season on April 12.
Burton said that her favorite things about roller derby are the aggression, the speed, and the team aspect of the sport. "And it keeps me young, that's for sure," said Burton.