Tuesday, March 11, 2014

UMD bike shop offers free service to students and staff

Bike shop student employee, Marshall Gerwin, (left) assists customer Joe Levesque, UMD transportation services employee (right) with a bike part.  

Located in the basement of Cole Field House, the bike shop has a wide variety of tools to fix broken bicycles that students and staff bring in. The staff fixes the bikes at no cost. 

Louis Levine, sophomore bike store employee works on a bicycle while conversing with its owner. 

A spare wheel, located on the wall, is one of many spare parts found inside the shop. 

Seth Davis, senior bike shop employee, prepares to put air into a flat tire for a customer. 

Davis (left) and Levine (right) talk to each other while working on their bikes. 

McKeldin employee, Michael Zeliff (right), pumps his own bike tire while talking to Levine (left). 

The bike shop has over 80 bicycles to rent out over the semester on a first-come, first-serve basis. A semester long rental costs $75, a week long rental costs $35, and a daily rental costs $10. 

Levine polishes the bike before returning it to a customer. 

Students and staff are permitted to fix their own bikes with bike shop tools, alongside the available assistance of bike shop employees. 

Levine (left) prepares to return Zeliff's (right) bike before he heads out with his newly repaired set of wheels.