Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Maryland Students Raise over $400,000 at Terp Thon

 Terp Thon was held at Ritchie Coliseum on Saturday from 12:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. This is the event's fifth year raising money and awareness for Children's National Health System in Washington, D.C.
 Each of the dancers at Terp Thon received a t-shirt in their team's color. The event's slogan, printed on each of the t-shirts this year, is "1 Day. 1 Dance. 1 Difference."
 The orange team kicks off the 12 hour dance marathon with a conga line going around the room. 
 Dancers write down why they dance on a black board on the side of the dance floor. Each dancer had to raise at least $100 in order to dance for 12 hours to show their support for the children, families, and health care providers at Children's National. 
 Another display on the wall surrounding the dance floor showed photos of "Miracle Children Through the Years." Each year, Terp Thon invites children who were cared for at Children's National to come tell their story and take part in the event.
 Sophomore members of the blue team, Holly Romans and Shira Brandt, dance to show their support for the kids.
 Student dancers have the opportunity to enter raffles to win prizes throughout the day. 
 Dan Moscatiello and Julia Lee work a table that asks dancers to write down the reason why they dance to put up on the wall. They also have paper Terps for kids and dancers to color in and hand out around the room. 
 Maryland printed letters standing for "For the Kids" sit in the corner of the room in front of Children's National logos for dancers to come and take photos to remember the day. 
 The event's volunteer workers perform a "Morale Dance" to excite the audience.
The dancers learn the first Morale Dance of the day. Participants danced for 12 hours and earned $429,012.89 "For The Kids."


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