Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rachel Personality Portrait- Art

Rachel Ostrow, 21, smears her paintbrush into orange paint. Although she loves all kinds of art, she says painting is her favorite form. 

Rachel Ostrow, 21, says that art is her favorite hobby. She would never do it professionally, however, because she doesn't want to think of it as a job. 

Rachel Ostrow, 21, admires some of her work. According to Ostrow, she always finds  flaws in her artwork and constantly strives towards improving. 

Rachel Ostrow, 21, isn't afraid to get messy when painting. Sometimes, she wears a smock to protect her clothes from getting dirty. 

Rachel Ostrow, 21, has been using art her entire life as an outlet to let go of her stress. According to Ostrow, she doesn't remember a time  in her life when she wasn't painting.