Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Survivor Terrapin Trials 3rd Tribal Council: Photo Essay

In the game of Survivor, a lit torch means life. Each tribal council starts with two lit torches. By the end, only one torch holds a flame.

Both torches are lit and the tribal council area is ready for the players to enter.

Players Nicole Centi, Connor Semelsberger and Alex Burkow from the University of Maryland's previous season of Survivor, Survivor LaPlata, wait for tribal council to start.

Burkow, Centi, Chandler Pierce, and Semelsberger cast members from last season's survivor wait (this time as spectators) for tribal to start.

The six remaining players on Survivor Terrapin Trial's Rafiki tribe wait for tribal council to start, where they will find out who gets voted off.
Survivor Terrapin Trials host Austin Trupp sets up his computer before starting tribal council. He records every moment of the game and assembles episodes after the season's end.

Tribal begins and the six sit anxiously.

Survivor Terrapin Trials players Kanay Patel, Maria Pascale, and Alex Genuario  listen to their teammates defend themselves.

Player Pascale makes her case for why she should not be the Rafiki tribe member voted off.

Rafiki tribe member Marissa Horn casts her vote for who she wants off her team.

Horn's vote before she placed it in the urn.

Trupp reads the results of the vote.

Trupp puts out the torch after Pascale gets voted out of Survivor Terrapin Trails.

After Pascale's departure, only one torch remains lit.

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