Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Arielle Amegashie- Personality Portrait of Sophia

High School sophomore Sophia Amegashie, 15, poses with her first guitar in Towson, M.d. Amegashie started playing at the age of 10.

Amegashie practices one of her original songs on the guitar for a show at her high school. Playing the guitar is a hobby for Amegashie, but says she would like to do something with music in the future. 

Amegashie is a self taught musician and says she learned almost everything she knows about music from YouTube. She taught herself to read music and play the piano at age nine, the acoustic guitar at age 10, and the electric guitar at age 13. 

The strings and inside of Amegashie's guitar, are in good shape considering the fact that she practices for hours.
Amegashie concentrates on writing a new song to perform in her high school's show.